Meet S3 — Eric, Research / Sourcing Specialist

Here at S3, our ability to deliver outstanding results starts with our team of highly trained experts. We come from a diverse set of backgrounds, countries and experiences combining an impressive amount of aerospace experience. We want to give you the opportunity to not only work with us, but also get to know us better.

Meet Eric A.

What is your position/title and how long you’ve worked at S3? Research/Sourcing Specialist and I've been with the S3 team since the end of 2015. What is your background relevant to your work now? I was a C-5 Aircraft mechanic in the U.S. Air Force; after the Air Force, I was a boat mechanic in the Coast Guard and an Electrician. My background gives me a solid foundation and knowledge of parts, components, and how components work together. I have also worked at two other aerospace companies prior to joining S3. What is a typical work day like for you? Among all the research I get on a daily basis, there is a lot of multi-tasking. I get tasked with different priorities throughout the day where I have to switch gears and my mindset often to support those priorities — and of course a few laughs along the way! What is your favorite part of your job? I like that I am still working with aircraft in some capacity. I like knowing that my research and finding the correct part is getting an aircraft off the ground. Coming from a military background and working on a flight line, I know how important it is to have the correct part for the aircraft to do its role; whether that’s a training flight or an actual mission that’s taking place. What is it like working for S3? I work with a great group of people. Everyone is very knowledgeable and everyone pulls their own weight, which is great in a fast paced company like S3. I couldn’t ask for better management. S3 has a casual and family atmosphere, but still maintains high professionalism. There is rarely a dull moment and we try not be too serious and have some fun while getting an important job done. What are the challenges you face in your position? I work in an industry that is highly competitive and time is imperative. As a researcher, finding a solution to a tough problem can be difficult given some of the time constraints I get to do my research in. However, with all of the knowledge and dedication at S3, I can always count on others to help with difficult situations to find a solution in a time crunch. What are your strengths in correlation to your job? I’m a detailed oriented person. I like getting that extra bit of tech data or finding a hard to find part; taking that extra step when necessary. I also like to share my knowledge of aircraft. I think it’s important to learn about aircraft in this industry, even if it’s basic knowledge. Aircraft are very complex and any knowledge helps.

What do you enjoy outside of work/hobbies? I like to train for and compete in Triathlons, I do a lot of running, swimming and cycling when I’m not at work. I’ve been playing drums for 20+ years; drumming & music are big passions of mine.

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