Meet S3, Irene Customer Service Intern

​Recently our Customer Service Intern, Irene, gave her final final presentation for her internship class in conjunction with her job here at S3.

Irene has been a great addition to both S3 International and S3 Repair Services!

During her presentation at Cardinal Stritch University, Irene spoke about what she learned while working at S3, explaining the parts she liked about the job and how this experience will prepare her for future employment.

"Due to my internship experience this fall, I learned how to use Pentagon and Haystack — both are military software where all the data is stored and now I am confident in navigating them. I also developed the skill of reading technical and military data, which includes reading the military tags, overhaul and repair requirements as well as features, manufacturers' name and trace to the OEM."

"Thanks to my internship, I am now able to manage multiple projects at the same time with different deadlines and I am more comfortable in where I want to pursue my career. I gained knowledge in logistics and export requirements. I am starting to understand the role of supply chain inside the company and quality requirements for each job.

At the same time, it makes me a more qualified applicant due to the exposure to the customer side as well to the procurement. I understand how these two sides of this particular industry works together and to know better the market for this company."

Was S3 a Good Fit? Absolutely! Here is why:

  1. Focus on an international market.

  2. Managing international relationships with customers and vendors.

  3. Experienced a whole new industry in military and commercial aircraft along with it logistics and regulations

  4. It constantly challenges me to learn

What Were Some Accomplishments?

  1. Interpretation of application and technical data for aircraft

  2. Understanding the logistics of the company and the repair of an aircraft

  3. Conducted proper research for multiple aircraft platforms

  4. Distinguishing between a spare and repair procedures, solutions, management and data entry

About S3

  1. Founded by three owners, whom are all engaged in the company

  2. Learning opportunities and rotating departments

  3. Engages in new markers with constant expansion

  4. Headquartered in Milwaukee, targeting a market that is not exposed to the general public, which makes it amazing

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