Milwaukee — S3's City

Milwaukee, Wisconsin serves as S3's headquarters and what we believe is the heart of Wisconsin. Perhaps we're a touch bias, but our city offers a variety of opportunities including many cultural festivals, museums, breweries, sporting events and lakefront attractions.

This summer, our staff took advantage of the wonderful weather and attended a Milwaukee Brewers Game. We were able to kick back together outside of work and cheer on the home team. Read the full Brewers blog here. We also were able to attend Summerfest (The World's Largest Music Festival) to enjoy and see the concerts of our choice compliments of the company.

If you have any interest in learning more about our wonderful city or joining our team here at S3 in Milwaukee; we welcome you to check out some of our favorite local hot spots and our employment page for current job opportunities in our fun city!



We welcome any comments letting us know of some of your favorite Milwaukee hot spots!

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