Citizen Good Samaritan Award

It's always a pleasure to share news about our S3 team and we are proud to showcase this special story! Our repair station manager of S3 Repair Services, Eric, will be presented with a Citizen Good Samaritan Award from the City of Delafield Police Department.

The Delafield Common Council meeting is scheduled for 7 pm on Monday, 18 July 2016 and will recognize Eric's actions at a car accident that took place on Hwy 83 at Mariner Dr on May 27th.

His assistance in the incident was captured on the squad audio/video recording equipment and was a significant contribution to the successful treatment of the driver. Eric assisted by cutting the driver’s seat belt so he could be removed from the vehicle and then assisted him to a safe place where CPR started and an AED successfully deployed. Ultimately, the victim was transported and survived the incident due, in part, to his contribution and team effort.

You can read the full story in Delafield's press release.

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