Meet S3 - Tyler, Technician

June 29, 2016


Here at S3, our ability to deliver outstanding results starts with our team of highly trained experts.  We come from a diverse set of backgrounds, countries and experiences combining an impressive amount of aerospace experience.  We want to give you the opportunity to not only work with us, but also get to know us better.

Meet Tyler!  Tyler is a Technician at S3 Repair Services and has been with us since November,  2014.  His background includes five years as helicopter engine repairman in the US Marines where he tore down, repaired, built and tested the T700-ge-401 and 401c.  Tyler was also a Quality Assurance rep for the last two years of his enlistment.  Join us as we get to know Tyler even better!



What capability do you work on here at S3 Repair Services?  I work on anything and everything, from hydraulics to electric, mechanical to pneumatics.  To see our full list of capabilities click here.


What is the most enjoyable part of your job?  Working for S3 is nice because it is a smaller company with a large company mentality.  Everyone knows everyone and we all have big aspirations.


What are the challenges you face as a technician?  The challenges that I face on a daily basis are inspections of the unit and its sub-components.  Also to spot check and follow up with everyone else in the shop.


What makes you great at your job?  One of my strengths is that I have a great attention to detail. So this ability to pay attention to the details allows me to have a greater advantage when inspecting parts and doing follow ups.


What do you enjoy to do outside of work?  The hobbies I have outside of working at S3 repair are driving in rally cross and rally events in our regional and surrounding areas.  With that you can also assume that I love working on cars to make them better, faster and have more agility on the off road circuits.


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