S3 is dedicated to providing the highest quality products and services to meet or exceed customers’ requirements.  We are industry leaders as demonstrated by our rigorous quality standards and certifications found below.  We strive for quality excellence through continual process improvement and total team commitment.
In an industry that has zero tolerance for error, we pride ourselves in being accountable to our customers.  S3's Quality system ensures proper documentation control, material identification, material handling, storage and shipping procedures.  By doing so, we have demonstrated a 0.26% rejection rate across all platforms.

S3 is poised to handle our customers' most critical parts and logistics needs, including dangerous goods material handling and explosives shipments to all corners of the globe.  Rest assured, when you partner with S3, you receive spares, services and solutions that are of the highest quality.    


S3 International Certificate of Registration: ISO 9001:2015 and EN/AS9120:2016
S3 International ASA - 100 Certification
S3 International TRACE Certification
S3 International EASA Certification: #145.6559
S3 International FAA Certification: #9S3R896B
S3 International FAA Operations Specifications
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Return Material Authorization (RMA) Form
Federal Explosives License/Permit
S3 Terms and Conditions of Purchase Order

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Ph: +1.414.351.1506
Fax: +1.414.351.1543
S3I: Cage Code: 4GPC1

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