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C-130 Platform Supplier / Repair

The Lockheed Martin C-130 is one of the most successful multi-purpose cargo aircraft ever designed and is the longest, continuously produced military aircraft in existence at over 60 years and over 2,500 aircraft manufactured.


There have been nearly 2 dozen variations and special mission configurations contributing to its work-horse reputation and 72 countries have operated the Hercules.   S3 is proud to continue to contribute to the success of this global performer.  

S3 Repair Services C-130 Full In-House Capabilities 

Flight Station Temperature Control

Windshield Wiper Converter

Windshield Wiper Motor

Nose Landing Gear

NLG Wheel

Landing Light

MLG Ball Screw Actuator

MLG Wheel


Brake Accumulator

MLG Shock Strut

Wheel Speed Transducer

Aileron Tab Actuator

Lock Actuator

Fuel Spray Nozzle

Fuel Pressure Switch

Hydraulic Pump

Fuel Shut-off Valve

Fuel System Valve

Fuel Flow Transmitter

Fuel Boost Pump

Temperature Sensor


Cargo Temperature Control

Temperature Control Valve

Rudder Tab Actuator

Rudder Booster

Elevator Booster

Ramp Cargo Door Control



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2101 West Camden Road
Milwaukee, WI 53209
Ph: +1.414.351.1506
Fax: +1.414.351.1543
S3I: Cage Code: 4GPC1
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