Holiday Masquerade

Nothing says 'HAPPY HOLIDAYS' like an S3 Holiday Party and a little glitter! We started the new year off right, with a team celebration, including a masquerade contest and murder mystery show at Potawatomi Hotel & Casino. Please enjoy our mask competition photos, in addition to other photo booth fun throughout the night. Shout out to our winners — Juliana, Regina and Mirian.

1,000 Days!

Here at S3, one of our top priorities is safety — and nowhere is it more important than in our FAA and EASA approved repair station. Recently our team in S3 Repair Services celebrated 1,000 accident free days! That's over 2.5 years, 32 months, 142 weeks and 24,000 hours to put in perspective. Eric Hein, our Repair Station Manager said, "It takes teamwork and getting 100% from everyone involved in the program. As we head into 2017, we will be enhancing our safety program and adding specific training based on employee work environments, general safety requirements and recurrent training." S3 Repair delivers competitive, world-class component MRO reliability to both the military and commerc

Meet S3 — Justin, Aviation Technician

Here at S3, our ability to deliver outstanding results starts with our team of highly trained experts. We come from a diverse set of backgrounds, countries and experiences combining an impressive amount of aerospace experience. We want to give you the opportunity to not only work with us, but also get to know us better. Meet Justin. Justin is an Aviation Technician and has been with S3 Repair Services since August, 2014. For a year during his time here, Justin also served as a Component Repair Manager for S3 Repair Services before returning back to a technician. He first came to S3 having over 5 years of aviation experience spent in the United States Marine Corps. There he repaired and o

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